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The University of Pittsburgh strives to build and maintain a positive and healthy working, learning and living environment. Reporting concerns, asking questions and understanding Pitt’s response to them is critical to this process.

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The Pitt Concern Connection

The Pitt Concern Connection enables our campus communities to elevate irregular or troublesome workplace, academic, and other issues so that they can be reviewed, addressed, and resolved. Report an issue or ask a question online, by telephone or via text message.

For more details about submitting a report, use our quick-guide!

Make a Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more what kind of concerns should be reported and how to make a report?

Check out the Pitt Concern Connection FAQs:

What is the Pitt Concern Connection?

The Pitt Concern Connection is a unique reporting system that makes it comfortable and convenient for University members to report concerns via telephone, text message, or by using our online system so that issues can be investigated and resolved.

Is this an emergency service?

No, the Pitt Concern Connection is not an emergency service. Immediate, life-threatening safety concerns should be reported to 911 or by contacting your local University police or security department: 












Does Pitt really want University members to report concerns?

Absolutely! In fact, the University needs you to report them. Reporting can minimize the potential negative impact of inappropriate conduct on the University and our employees, faculty, and students. Reporting also may help identify issues that can improve our culture and performance.

Who can use the Pitt Concern Connection?

Any student, staff member, faculty member or community member may use the Pitt Concern Connection, including members of regional campuses and off-campus work locations. No Pitt ID is required to make a report.

Can I ask a question instead of making a report?

Yes, questions can be asked by telephone, text message or by using our online form.

What can be reported?

Any concern or question may be raised using the Pitt Concern Connection, including: 

  • Human resources and workplace concerns, including perceived harassment, discrimination and misconduct;
  • Bias incidents, including discrimination, retaliation, sexual misconduct and Title IX-related incidents;
  • Research-compliance concerns;
  • Environmental health and safety concerns;
  • Concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including medical and behavioral concerns;
  • Concerns about financial management or use of University assets;
  • Privacy and data governance concerns and questions; and
  • Other legal or regulatory matters, such as the protection of children while on campus. Please note that using the Pitt Concern Connection to report suspected child abuse does not fulfill the requirements of mandatory reporters.
What happens when I make a report?

When you make a report or ask a question, it is assigned to the appropriate office or individual to investigate and respond. All reports are read and investigated to the fullest extent possible given the information provided. Depending on the type of report, a variety of outcomes are possible. Whether or not you've shared your name as part of your report, you will be able to log in using your assigned number to check the status of the report and view related messages or updates.

Who knows that I'm the one who made the report?

You have three options when you make the report: Share your name with Pitt and Convercent (the third-party reporting system), share your name only with Convercent , or file the report anonymously.

Can reports be made anonymously?

Yes! There are three options: 

  • Remain completely anonymous: You will not reveal your name or contact information to the University or Convercent. Your identity is completely protected on the incident report.
  • Remain anonymous to Pitt: You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to Convercent, but not to the University. Convercent may contact you confidentially to gather additional information about the report yet will not reveal your identity to Pitt.
  • Share my name and information: You choose to reveal your name and identity to both the University and Convercent.
Can I face consequences for filing a report?

Anyone who makes a report is protected from retaliation based on this report. It is possible that you could face consequences for actions discovered as part of the investigation. As a hypothetical example, if you report that your roommate is using illegal substances and it is discovered through the investigation that you sold the illegal substances to your roommate, you may face consequences for that action, including criminal charges and/or Student Conduct violations charges.

When can I make a report?

The Pitt Concern Connection service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who takes my initial report?

The 24/7 telephone hotline is staffed by Convercent, a third-party vendor. Reports are entered directly on the Pitt Concern Connection, maintained by Convercent's secure server. Once reports are entered, Convercent makes them available only to specific Pitt employees charged with evaluating the report and ensuring that a proper investigation is performed in a professional and confidential manner.

What happens after a report is filed?
  1. Once initially processed, all concerns are reviewed by the Office of Compliance, Investigations, and Ethics (CIE Office).
  2. The CIE Office ensures that concerns and questions are routed to the appropriate department for response.
  3. The CIE Office also monitors concerns and questions reported to the Pitt Concern Connection to ensure a timely response and adequate follow up. 
  4. The University will respond to every inquiry and report and keep you updated through the Pitt Concern Connection.  Each contact to the hotline generates a tracking number which can be used to correspond with the case manager, provide additional information and obtain responses from the reporting party. Through the system, callers will be informed of the outcome and resolution of their issues.
Can I change my report or check the status after I submit it?

You'll be able to create a personal password, which you can use to check the status and updates of the report after it has been submitted. You will not be able to change it, but you will be able to add details using message boards. 

Will my incident report be shown to the police?

Your incident report is not automatically sent to law enforcement. Only if the University feels law enforcement should receive a copy, or if the law requires it, will your incident report be submitted to the police.

I am aware of unethical conduct, but it doesn't affect me. Should I report it?

Yes. Integrity is a core value at the University of Pittsburgh, and we actively promote ethical behavior. All unethical conduct, at any level of the organization, ultimately hurts the University. As Pitt community members, we are all responsible for reporting any concerns that may pose a threat to our core values. 

I have not heard back about my report. Whom do I contact?

If two weeks have passed since you filed your concern and there are no updates in the Pitt Concern Connection, you may contact the Office of Compliance, Investigations and Ethics at compliance@pitt.edu.